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A bit about the artists

Meria Palin
My name is Meria Palin, and I am an illustrator, graduated from Cambridge School of Art. Currently I live in Helsinki with my family but working internationally. I come up with short narrative stories by combining ordinary things from life to see where the story takes me. I mix recipes with times- tables, broken boilers with balls of wools, birds with umbrellas, and now an owl with a guitar. And I love happy endings.
Did you know that a Tawny Owl nests in hollow tree trunks whereas an Eagle Owl nests on cliff ledges and caves? This is an example of what I learned while holding Drawing Workshops at the Natural History Museums in Helsinki. Owls are amazing. But where would a Tawny Owl build its nest if there weren’t any trees left? Previous commissions include The Natural History Museum in Helsinki, Critical Academy, and Sieppo - Children’s Nature Magazine. 

Trudi Esberger
I work part time as a Lecturer in illustration on a Foundation course and write and illustrate children’s books for the other part. I find it a very rewarding way to spend my time and I love what I do.
My work has been recognised by several awards including the Ronald Searle Award for Creativity, the Macmillan Prize for Children's Book Illustration and the 3 X 3 Magazine of Contemporary Illustration Awards. It has also recently been featured alongside an interview with Martin Salisbury, in Little Big Books, published by Gestalten.    

Karin Eklund 
Following studies in Art History in Uppsala and Madrid I moved to London in 2000. There I worked at a number of contemporary art galleries and as Director of the Delfina Studio Trust, a large residency programme for international artists.
Whenever I could I was drawing and painting and then, after 6 inspiring years in the heart of London, I moved with my family to a remote corner of the Isle of Mull, a Scottish island seven hours from Glasgow. Distractions were few and I finally set up my first proper studio in our garden. I started exhibiting my own work, primarily paintings, in group exhibitions and at a number of solo shows. I discovered a strong narrative theme running through all my work with new characters constantly developing and I was drawn towards illustration.
In 2012 I graduated from an MA in Children’s Book Illustration in Cambridge, with Professor Martin Salisbury. Since then I have made the illustrations for an App for the Ipad ‘My First Orchestra App’, with Naxos. I am currently working on a book with the same company to be published in 2014. 

Kathrin Lang
I recently graduated from the illustration course at the Cambridge School of Art in 2012 and have since been working on several commissions. I particularly enjoy narrative illustration and am especially inspired by folktales and theatrical subjects.
Currently I have been working on a set of Shakespeare inspired posters for a client in Germany. I have also been illustrating a book focusing on the history and recipes of Arjuna Wholefoods (a vegetarian food shop on Mill Road)
Two of my drawings were recently published in Martin Salisbury’s book: “Children’s Picturebooks: The art of visual storytelling”.

Joanne Young  
I am a UK based illustrator who specialises in narrative and editorial illustration. My work concentrates on creating obscure worlds that play with the ideas of scale, tone, shadow and pattern. I have recently finished an MA in Children’s Book Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art and prior to this I studied Illustration at the Norwich University of the Arts. My work has been included in the AOI’s Images competition, in annuals 34, 35 and 36 and I have recently been shortlisted in the top 25 of the House of Illustration and Folio Society's competition to illustrate Brave New World.

Becky Palmer 
I love books. I have always loved books: I got hooked very young, and would read while brushing my teeth, while tying my laces, and under the table at mealtimes (if I could get away with it). As an adult, I know children whose reading is just as avid and absorbed. I’m fascinated by the power books can have to swallow a child whole. I also love pictures. On discovering pictures I like, an immediate itchy eagerness sets in to go home and try it myself – the clearest sign I know of that this is what I am meant to do. 
My passion for books and pictures took me through a BA in History of Art and English Literature, and eventually brought me to the Cambridge School of Art, where the MA Children’s Book Illustration has helped me to fulfil a lifetime’s wish to make pictures and stories of my own. During my time on the course, I have become very enthusiastic about the potential of the comic book or graphic novel. My highest aspiration is to make books that future children can disappear themselves into.   

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